What we do


Full service interior design and general construction.

FIT-OUT works Aiming the top quality and focus on the technical details

We provide unique engineering services by understanding the design concept and client’s style and request.

All of the small technical details shall be solved to achieve the status of the office fit-out from the shell & core conditions as soon as possible to the start of the efficient operation. The office fit-out including unique and extra internal design values became one of the key elements to motivate the employees and to keep them by the company, so the standard office fit-outs are over. These extra fit-out works require quality-focused and good site organisation. FITOUT provided office fit-out having the above mentioned method in mind for ENSZ, Magyar Posta, NOKIA, IBM, Citibank, OMW, Philip Morris, from size of 150 sqm to 15,000 sqm completing different size and conditions of offices.

General construction works Our aim is to overwrite the negative stereotype regarding the construction companies in the clint’s mind through our work, our attidude to the works and our communication.

The fitout story started in a luggage rack of a car and FITOUT company group is known as professional construction company of many, some thousand sq m office building complexum.

At that time, we started of career and our works with a drywall team of 3 persons, and headcount of this team is already close to 40 now, the mechanical team increased from 5 to 80, the electrical team improved from 2 persons to 60. There was no move which was delayed because of us whoever we work on a “heavy field”, in occupied office buildings where we can not disturb the normal, standard life of the office center.

Development We do not have any challenges which we are not able to solve as we know the modern materials, technologies and trends.

As the construction industry is calculating in cm dimension coming from the reinforced concrete construction sector, meanwhile in fit-out sector. We are thinking in mm dimension.

The big general construction companies are developing their services from outside to inside: they start with reinforced concrete works and slowly they try the interior FITOUT-works which requires more strict concentration and better organization. In contrast to this strategy, FITOUT extends the precision and perfectionism used for the fit-out works to the construction of a whole building, by keeping the focus.


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